Film Europe Channel CZ, 06.12.2023 14:00
Názov: Kiss Me Again

The story takes place in Rome, ten years after the first episode, and chronicles the development of the story told in The Last Kiss: Carlo and Giulia are about to conclude their divorce, and she, having the custody of their child, has been living with a man named Simon for three years while Carlo has an affair with the twenty-five year old Anna. Paul, depressed and addicted to tranquillizers, began a relationship with Livia the wife of Hadrian, returning after serving a long sentence for attempting to import a shipment of cocaine from Colombia. Marco, apparently happily married to Veronica, actually conceals a deep crisis aggravated by the expectation of a child. Alberto, who returned from the collegiate trip with friends at the end of the first film, still wanted to get away from all that is crushing them. This situation is likely to explode for all. Carlo, despite the constant mutual betrayal, never forgot Giulia.

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